How To Know if Chakra Bracelet is Real? 5 Ways! 

Rita Smith
How To Know if Chakra Bracelet is Real? 5 Ways! 

Chakra bracelets are scattered all over the world today. Sometimes, a lot of people (who are ignorant of this special amulet) make use of it for fashion purposes alone. 

Does this mean they are wrong? No, they are not. In my experience, I have discovered that not everybody wants to harness spiritual energy from bracelets, crystals, and so on.

However, the moment we switch to the spiritual purpose of this bracelet, then, the narrative changes!

If you wear chakra bracelets for spiritual purposes, you need to become more careful about how you wear them and WHAT chakra bracelet you are wearing.

There are many fake chakra bracelets out there today and it is easy to fall victim without proper knowledge.

This is why you need to read this article to understand the 5 different ways to identify if your chakra bracelet is real or not

Are there fake chakra bracelets for sale?

Fake Chakra bracelet

Yes, there are fake chakra bracelets out there for sale.

Look at the picture above, what does your intuition tell you? Is this a real or fake chakra bracelet? After reading the 5 ways, you’ll be able to tell in a second!

Answer: That chakra bracelet is FAKE! Why? Even though it does have 7 beads for each chakra point of your body, their colors and orders are incorrect. That brown bead should be yellow and the next one should be orange.

Now, let me also state that these fake chakra bracelets sellers/vendors do not mean any harm. Sometimes, these fake chakra bracelets could simply be “make alike bracelets”.

That is, they were made to be like chakra bracelets (for design and fashion alone) without the intention of misleading people for selfish gains. 

However, you need to be more sensitive to what you buy because you are not just buying it for fashion, but for spiritual purposes as well

This is why it is so easy to fall victim to these fake bracelets.

This is why people complain about their chakra bracelets not working as they should.

This is the reason for the many frustrations that your loved one faces because of the ineffectiveness of their chakra bracelet.

Therefore, caution yourself against buying a chakra bracelet until you have fully read and understood the 5 ways to identify a fake bracelet in the article.

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Is there any way to know if my chakra bracelet is fake?

Holding fake chakra bracelet

Yes, there are many ways to know if your chakra bracelet is fake or not.

Once you begin to suspect that a chakra bracelet is a sham, there are several ways to prove your suspicion.

These methods are not far-fetched. They are simple things you can do from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need a spiritual elder to help you, and neither do you need to book a consultation with a psychic. 

These simple methods can be done within minutes to see if what you are holding in your hands is real or fake. 

I recently got into an argument with a friend. He purchased a chakra bracelet for $32, which is fair enough a price for a good chakra bracelet.

However, my intuitive power told me to check this bracelet and I discovered it was fake.

Well, my friend argued with me until I proved it to him using the 5 steps I will be showing you in this article. 

Now, let us discuss the 5 ways to know if your chakra bracelet is real or fake.

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How to know if my chakra bracelet is real? 5 Simple ways

How to know if my chakra bracelet is real

Chakra bracelets are known to possess healing and spiritual properties, which heal people’s bodies and help them to stay centered.

However, with the increase in counterfeit bracelets, these are the 5 steps to follow to ascertain the authenticity of your bracelet. 

Additionally, you can perform these steps before purchasing at a store. Let us talk about these 5 simple ways right away.

1) Check the Materials

You must ensure that the materials used in making this bracelet are WHAT is expected to be used. 

Amongst the materials, the most important thing to check is the gemstones, which represent your chakra points. 

There are seven chakra points in the body. Therefore, if you count your chakra stones and they are not 7, then, it is a clear indication that the bracelet is fake.

It must not be more or less than seven stones because each of these stones represents the chakra points in your body.

You also need to check the color of the stones. They must be the same as the color that represents the different chakras in our bodies:

  • Crown chakra: violet;
  • Third eye chakra: indigo;
  • Throat chakra: blue;
  • Heart chakra: green;
  • Solar plexus chakra: yellow;
  • Sacral chakra: orange;
  • Root chakra: red.

You must ensure that these are the colors of the gemstones on your bracelet. 

Finally, check the arrangement of the stone. It must start with the violet color, which represents the crown chakra and end with the red color which represents the root chakra.

Also, ensure that every stone follows the sequence as identified above. The third eye chakra, which is blue, must not come after the sacral chakra, which is orange. 

Once all of these are in place, then, the first step is completed and your bracelet is likely original. 

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2) Look for Authenticity Marks

Original chakra bracelets may come with a seal or stamp of authenticity.

They might come with a small certificate proving their originality.

The moment you find a bracelet that does not have any proof of authenticity from its manufacturer, it is likely fake.

3) Check the weight

Each of the gemstones on the bracelet carries a specific weight because they represent individual chakras of the body.

Therefore, be on the lookout for this. The moment you discover that your bracelet is lightweight, it is counterfeited

Your chakra bracelet should be substantially heavy because of the combination of the varying weight of each gemstone. 

4) The price matters as well

The moment you discover that the price of your chakra bracelet is cheap, it is a clear indication that it is fake. 

Because of the quality of materials used in making these bracelets, they should be fairly expensive and not cheap.

5) Your intuition is powerful

Sometimes, this is the first thing I focus on before testing out other physical things. 

The moment you feel off and uncomfortable about your bracelet, it is an indication that you are using a fake bracelet or about to purchase a fake bracelet. 

Your intuition is powerful enough to detect a counterfeit chakra bracelet. Therefore, trust it

When your intuition tells you to test the authenticity of the bracelet, ensure you don’t doubt or second guess your inner voice.

Go ahead and try out the steps outlined and explained in this article. 

With these 5 steps, you can be sure if your bracelet is genuine or not. 

My chakra bracelet is fake! Should I get a real one?

Geting a new bracelet

Yes, you should get a real one. There is no point trying to use a fake chakra bracelet — except for fashion purposes alone

However, if you are using it for a spiritual reason, getting a real chakra bracelet is the only way out. 

What if you can’t seem to find a real chakra bracelet around you? What should you do?

I have a simple strategy to help you out. Read on to find out more about this right away.

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4 Alternative bracelets you can use instead of chakra bracelet

Evil eye bead

There are 4 alternative bracelets you can use instead of chakra bracelets.

When you discover that your bracelet is fake and you cannot get the original one around you, go for one of these alternative bracelets.

They are powerful enough to give you the same results as chakra bracelets. 

1) Evil eye bracelet

The evil eye bracelet is known to protect its wearers from bad luck and the negative effect of the evil stare from negative people. 

Now, when you become vulnerable to negative energy, your chakras will be affected.

Therefore, wearing an evil eye bracelet keeps your chakras functional, which is similar to the function of chakra bracelets.

2) Red string bracelet

This bracelet wards off evil spirits. It protects the wearer from bad luck, spiritual attacks, and the presence of malevolent spiritual beings. 

With the protective ability of this bracelet, your chakras are in good hands, and there is no need for chakra bracelets. 

When you get the red string bracelet, you have found an alternative to the chakra bracelet.

3) Copper bracelet

This bracelet is made from copper.

In the spiritual world, copper is known to possess certain healing and stabilizing properties.

It is known to provide healing and balancing to chakras, which is the same function as chakra bracelets

Therefore, getting yourself a copper bracelet is a perfect alternative to the chakra bracelet.

4) Hematite bracelet

The power of the hematite bracelet is known to bring calmness to the soul.

With these relaxing properties, your chakras will not be overly exerted and begin to function out of frequency.

Therefore, this bracelet is great as an alternative to chakra bracelets.

Final Words

I am sure that this article has proven helpful and useful. Don’t fall victim to fake chakra bracelets anymore

By using the tips provided in this article, you will always get an original chakra bracelet.

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