Can Malachite Go In Water? Or Is it Toxic When Wet? Answered!

Rita Smith
Can Malachite Go In Water? Or Is it Toxic When Wet? Answered!

Crystals and gemstones have chemical components. As much as it is good to pay attention to their spiritual characteristics, we also need to be aware of their chemical components.

This helps us to safely use them without suffering any health hazards. 

You must have heard of Malachite. Over the years and centuries, it has been revered as a strong stone of symbolism and spirituality

However, in recent times, a lot of people have sent in their concerns about using malachite with water for spiritual purposes.

Before you dip your malachite in water, please, read this article till the end to understand what you are about to do. 

Is it really safe for malachite to go in the water? Does this release any toxic components? 

Read on to find out more about this. 

Can Malachite go in The water?


To answer this question, it is best to consider the 3 major types of water. By looking at these components of water, it becomes easy to specify which one is good for malachite or otherwise. 

Running water:

Before you place your malachite in running water, you need to check the pressure flow of the water.

  • How gushy is the water? Do you know why?

It is because placing malachite under running water (especially gushing-running water) might cause a release of copper. 

This gemstone is made of copper. When exposed to much pressure like running water, the copper will be released from the stone.

When this sticks to your hands, it can become deadly when ingested. Therefore, caution is advised when using malachite under running water.

I will recommend using other crystals that are water friendly for any spiritual practice that has to do with running water. 


When it comes to using malachite in salt water, a lot of people believe that this is a spiritual protocol for charging your crystal and raising its energy levels.

As true as this sounds, it is not a healthy method

Malachite is largely made of copper. Now, this mineral reacts to chloride ions, which can be found in salt water.

According to scientific research, it was discovered that copper dissolves in salt water easily

The gemstone itself is not water-soluble. However, the chemical components of this stone can dissolve into water, which might cause adverse health effects. 

Therefore, it is not advisable or recommended to place your malachite in salt water.

The concentration of both objects/substances should not be mixed for a long time. 


Yes, you can use malachite in rainwater

Rain water contains less concentration than salt water and other forms of water. Therefore, it can be used for malachite

Also, for spiritual purposes, rain is the purest form of water in the world because it comes directly from heaven, which represents the spiritual world. 

When it comes to using malachite with water, the best bet is rainwater. 

However, you also need to exercise caution. After dipping your malachite into rainwater, ensure to not ingest the water afterwards.

This is to prevent any possible adverse effects.

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Can Malachite get wet?

washing crystal in water

Yes, malachite can get wet. Although it cannot be dissolved by water, exposing it to water for extended periods is not advisable.

One of the reasons is that this is a porous stone, which means it can absorb water over time. 

Once this happens, the quality and stability of the stone begin to dwindle. Also, it becomes a bit heavier than before.

Also, the color begins to become pale, which is a sign of its loss of quality. When all of this happens, you cannot make use of the stone for any spiritual use anymore

Therefore, whenever you want to make use of this stone with water (for spiritual purposes), ensure to not submerge it in water for extended periods. This keeps the quality of the stone.

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Is Malachite toxic when wet?

malachite elephant

When malachite is wet, it is not toxic. However, if this stone has been submerged in water for a long time, then it might be toxic

As explained previously, this stone contains copper compounds, which can be dangerous to humans.

When your stone remains in the water for a long time, this chemical compound begins to dissolve into the water. 

Now, imagine ingesting that water or bathing with it! 

Trust me, it has adverse effects, which can either be deadly or mild – depending on the concentration of copper in the water. 

I recommend keeping malachite away from water. Only dipping it in water (not salt water) for a short while – for spiritual purposes. 

You might be asking how it is possible to clean your malachite without dipping it in water. This question will be answered in this article as well.

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My malachite is wet! What should I do?

malachite stone close up

If you notice that your malachite is wet, here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Take out the malachite from the water;
  2. Keep the water away from your environment. The first thing is to ensure you or anyone around you is safe from using the water. It is best to pour it away;
  3. Wipe off excess water from the stone;
  4. Dry the stone by placing it in a ventilated environment. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight for too long. This might damage its quality.

Once you follow these steps, you should get your stone dried within days, and charge it for spiritual use.

And if you have the stone for fashion purposes, you can begin using it after a few days of drying it out.

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Can I use a wet Malachite?

Real Malachite

No, it is not advisable to use a wet malachite.

Especially, if it has been submerged in water for too long. Because the copper component will be on the surface of the stone.

Using the stone this way exposes your hands or parts of your body to the direct copper compound, which might be harmful.

Your body might react badly to using wet pieces of jewelry.

For spiritual purposes, a wet malachite might not have any spiritual energy to dissipate. Therefore, using it might mean you are wasting your time.

Therefore, for health, beauty, and spiritual purposes, it is not advisable to make use of a wet malachite. 

5 Safe Ways to cleanse Malachite without Water

malachite stones

Apart from submerging your stone into water, there are 5 alternative ways to cleanse it without exposing it to water. Read below to find out:

1) Use smoke 

For spiritual purposes, it is best to use smoke for cleansing your malachite.

Rather than using water, smoke possesses spiritual and metaphysical properties that can purify your stone the same way salt water or rain water will purify your stone. 

For example, when you smudge sage, your malachite will be cleansed. Sage is known for its spiritual purifying properties.

Therefore, expect it to cleanse your stone and make it ready for spiritual activities. 

2) Bury your Malachite

This is referred to as earth grounding

In my opinion, this is the most powerful and effective means of cleansing your stone. Do you know why?

You will not only effectively cleanse your stone, but you will also charge its energy levels

When you bury your malachite, you are connecting it to the main source of energy, which is the earth.

Automatically, the stone begins to harness the energy from the earth and becomes fully charged even as it is cleansed. 

3) Make use of sound frequencies

In the Chinese tradition, this is an effective means of cleansing stones, environments, and the soul. 

It is also somewhat complex because you need to get the exact frequency to make the cleansing happen. 

I won’t recommend this option.

However, if you have a spiritual sound expert that can teach you how to identify these frequencies, then it is a method you should try out

4) Moonlight cleansing

If you are lucky to find a full moon, you can place your malachite there for cleansing. Doing this helps you to harness the energy from the moon. 

According to spirituality, the moon is associated with water, which is a cleaning agent.

Therefore, exposing your malachite stone to the moon helps it to harness the pure energy from this celestial body

Once this happens, your stone will be cleansed without the need for any form of water. 

5) Sunlight

Harnessing the sunlight energy also helps in purifying the energy levels of your stone.

It is believed that the fire energy from the sun will burn off negative energies from your stone and also leave it sufficiently charged for any spiritual activity. 

But don’t expose it directly to sunlight! Place it near a window under indirect sunlight.

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Final Words

As you can see, there are several other means of cleaning your malachite stone other than water. These 5 methods are less risky and have no adverse effect on your health. 

Therefore, rather than submerging your stone in water and exposing yourself to certain risks, try out the alternative methods, which give the same results and more for your spiritual exercises. 

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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